The Scholarship Connector allows you to search, learn about scholarship opportunities, and initiate the application process for scholarships that match your background, interests & educational plans.

TIPS: Students should fill out each area of the form. DO NOT LEAVE ANY SECTION BLANK. 
If you choose to skip a section, you may see scholarships that do not apply to you & your background.

Each scholarship opportunity has their own reason for starting a scholarship and application directions. Make sure you use the search function, the basket function, and research the scholarship provider by linking to them directly from your search. All students are encouraged to follow all directions provided by each of the scholarship providers that are listed on the connector. 

Use of the Scholarship Connector is subject to the following Privacy Terms & Conditions.

Start Your Search for Scholarships

No login is needed. Four simple steps:

  1. Complete short online form about your background and plans, click find matching scholarships. So we can hide scholarships that do not apply to you, fill out / check every section.
  2. Review details of matching scholarships. Make sure to read all directions for each scholarship opportunity.
  3. Add scholarships that interest you to your "basket".
  4. Within the basket, "Package & Go" to download application & other documents for the application process, or "Save for Later."

If you want to see a specific scholarship opportunity, in the "Other Options" box and press on "View all scholarships." Use the Find Feature in your web browser. Press "CTRL-F" to search for a specific scholarship by name.

Note: Updates are Ongoing

As scholarship programs give us their information for the  current school year, application criteria & deadlines will be updated. Please check back frequently for the latest information.

Other Options

1. View all scholarships

2. Find by Name